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September 27th, 2005 by Jeff | 2 Core Dumps

Col. John Blaha and Me

Man, I am such a geek.

My wife and I are in Florida this week on vacation, right? We decided to go to that certain huge mega resort that acts like a huge black hole, sucking in dollars. You know, the “happiest place on earth.” And you know what I’ve enjoyed the most so far? Besides spending some quality time with my sweetie, of course. Here’s a hint: It didn’t have anything to do with mouse ears.

We went to the Kennedy Space Center today. I didn’t care too much for the tour company that took us there and back, but I definitely enjoyed myself there. I acted more like a giddy little school kid around the space shuttle mock-ups and the real Saturn V rocket than I have been all week at that “other place.” I filled one 64MB card on the digital camera and started another. (That’s 88 pictures, if you’re wondering.) I even got to meet astronaut Col. John Blaha, the second astronaut I’ve ever met (the first being Capt. Jon McBride). Slipped him a GPF business card, too. (My secret ambition is to get so many Faulties in the JPL that Fred or Nick or some other GPF character might stowaway into space, hidden somewhere on a space probe someplace.)

I am such a geek.

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