Man, I wish I weren’t so blasted busy…

October 27th, 2005 by Jeff | 3 Core Dumps

As the (dis)honorable Mr. Wright over at eviscerati.org mentioned, National Novel Writing Month is only a few days away. It figures. I could really use “NaNoWriMo” to get a kick-start on a few projects but… in November? C’mon….

What possessed these people to pick November, of all months, for this? Not only is that the month of Thanksgiving (at least here in the States), which means I’ll be traveling a lot to visit family, but it’s the month leading into December, so that means Christmas shopping, things going on at the church, end of year things at work, etc. I suppose the only month that could possibility be worse than November would be December (which is probably why it wasn’t chosen). And this particular November is not a good one for me. Not only am I starting Year Eight of GPF (which is the next big year-long mega-arc), but my buffer has seriously been trashed by cons, vacations, and illness, so I’m working double-time to rebuild myself back up to eight weeks ahead from an all-time low of three weeks. That’s not to mention job hunting, as I’m fairly certain I won’t be on my current contract come the beginning of the year.

I could really use NaNoWriMo. Oh, how I could use it. While I’ve got a good ten or twelve other comic projects I’d love to launch, I have even more ideas that could work as novels, movies, or television series. I’ve got one that I’ve been brewing for a good eight or nine years now that I conceived back in college. While I’ve got a good four or five books worth of plot and characterization multitasking in and out of my brain’s CPU, I have virtually nothing down on paper or hard disk about it. I have to take time to put this down, and NaNoWriMo is the perfect excuse. It’s just that I’ve got twenty more excuses vying for my attention right now, and none of those are willing to give up their precious time.

Yes, I’d like to have some cheese with my whine now. A fine, aged Romano should do. It’s sharp, strong, and stinky, just like me. Well… maybe I’m stretching on the sharp and strong part.

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