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The wolf will live with the giant red T-Rex…

November 14th, 2005 by Jeff | 1 Core Dump

Okay, so I paraphrased Isaiah 11:6, but it did come immediately to mind….

Every so often, I like to spin through the Firefox extensions site, just to see what interesting things are out there. Most often, I don’t see anything particularly useful. I mean, I make extensive use of the Web Developer extension, and I’ve got a few others (User Agent Switcher, DictionarySearch) that I use on rare occasions. I use a few others for Thunderbird, but that’s a different application. Most of the extensions out there, though, don’t seem very practical or are too site-specific. But every once in a while there’s something so out there, you just have to give it a spin.

The extension in question is IE Tab. In a nutshell, it’s a plugin/extension that imbeds an Internet Explorer window in a Firefox tab. It’s freaky. The site shows a screenshot of a Taiwanese copy of Firefox running Windows Update. I couldn’t help myself. I installed the plugin and tried it myself. It took a little bit of copying and pasting to get the right URL; by default, the plugin accesses a site with Firefox, which obviously won’t work with Windows Update and Firefox. But you can configure this thing to always open certain sites in the embedded IE, and sure enough, it worked like a charm. (Of course, I run WU at least once a week anyway, but that’s another post.)

Some people would probably scratch their heads over this. Why in the heck would anyone want to do this? Everyone who uses an “alternative” (i.e., not IE) browser knows there are still sites out there that are IE-specific, refusing to comply with Internet standards. But why not just fire up an IE window and just browse those sites there? (After all, there’s an extension to make that easier too.) Of course, doing that completely removes the benefits of Firefox, like the tabbed browsing. Imagine that… IE with tabs. Essentially, with this plugin, that’s what you get. No taskbar clutter. It’s downright spiffy.

Of course, turnabout is fair play. But personally, I doubt I’ll ever use that one.

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