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February 28th, 2006 by Jeff | Dump Core

Yes, it’s obnoxious expectant parent time again. My wife had her second doctor’s appointment this morning, and his word to describe how things are going was “perfect.” We actually got to hear the baby’s heartbeat this time, and being the utter geek that I am, I had my Palm out with the microphone ready and waiting. I edited it down to just 15 seconds of heartbeats, but that’s plenty, I think.

Babys_First_Heartbeats.mp3 (74kb, 15 sec.)

My wife has already fussed at me for playing it repeatedly, but I keep insisting that I’m double-checking the file to make sure that the compression encoding isn’t ruining the sound quality. No really, I am. MP3 encoding can be so tricky at times. Anyway, each time she fusses at me, though, she keeps smiling. I can’t for the life of me figure out why….

Toward the end March is the next ultrasound. That’s when we expect to (hopefully) found out the baby’s gender. Like I’m going to tell you people what that’s going to be… [evil grin]

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