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The Resurrection

March 31st, 2006 by Jeff | Dump Core

Well, my Tungsten C is back to life. Following the events of the March 1st post and the purchase of the subsequent replacement, my wife and I began to discuss what to do with the corpse of the T|C. We considered chucking it or selling it for parts on eBay, but ideally it would make a nice hand-me-down replacement for the IIIc she inherited from me when we bought this one… assuming we could get it repaired, of course. Sadly, this thing has been out of warranty for a couple years, and at this point Palm asks for $169 up front just to look at it (not counting any parts, labor, or shipping thereafter).

Since I got the LifeDrive, I’ve become mildly active on Brighthand’s LD forum. These are linked to from Palm’s own site, so I thought it would be a somewhat official place to dig for feedback and peer support if needed. After browsing the forum a while, I began to wander Brighthand proper and eventually landed at the “In Praise of Older Handhelds” article from December. While a good read in and of itself, it was the following that caught my attention most:

Sadly, electronics don’t last forever, and handhelds live far more hazardous lives than, say, your stereo does.

So there you are, living your worst case scenario. You’ve dropped your Clie and broken the screen. What do you do?

Simple. You call Chris Short.

Thanks to a recent article in The Inquirer, he’s quickly become the most famous repairer of broken older handhelds.

I checked out the Inquirer article in question. I followed the links there to Mr. Short’s eBay sales listings and checked out his impressive 100% 2000+ feedback history. Intrigued, I went ahead and bid on one of his Broken Palm Evaluation and Repair Service auctions and subsequently won. I shipped off the T|C with a nice little check for around $100 (for parts, labor, and return shipping) and waited to see what happened.

Sure enough, the T|C returned to us yesterday, good as new. He even took the old screen protector off the broken LCD and either transferred it to or replaced it on the new screen. And it may be my imagination, but he either cleaned the keyboard I spilled orange soda pop on years ago, or the simple act of opening the case must have helped, as several keys on the keyboard that were sticking painfully are now operating as if it were straight out of the box. My wife has already worn the battery down completely playing Sudoku and Bejeweled.

So kudos go out to Mr. Short and his little eBay business. His service comes highly recommended from this handheld geek.

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