Homeward Bound

May 25th, 2006 by Jeff | 5 Core Dumps

Well, it’s official. As I reported in my last post, there was a good chance I was going to get a job back in my old home state of West Virginia and that I would be moving there from my current residence in North Carolina. That “90%” has now become 100%, and that’s made me one ridiculously busy bee. The reason you haven’t seen any posts here or in the GPF News is because I’ve been swamped with things going on behind the scenes, getting ready to pull up roots from one place and plant them somewhere else. So forgive the scattered randomness of this post; I’m dog tired and half awake, and I know my not firing on all cylinders this morning.

In addition to filling out a bunch of paper work for the new job, we’re doing everything we can to make our current house as sellable as possible. For the last couple of weekends, I’ve been pressure washing then water sealing our deck and privacy fence. It’s a long, tough job that we’ve done once before, shortly after we moved in. Every muscle in my body is aching right now… it’s a good thing I finished my weekly comics quota early this week. Sometime soon we’ll need to empty out the office and paint in there, as that’s the only room we haven’t painted since we moved in. There’s lots of yard work to do, and while that’s usually my wife’s domain, she’s not really in a condition to be doing much of that. (Right now, paying someone to do it looks really attractive….)

We’re currently looking for somewhere to stay in WV. Our first choice is somewhere to rent, where we can probably get in more quickly and have the freedom of moving easier if I don’t get extended in this new job. Unfortunately, rental prices in the Beckley-Hinton area are outrageous, so we’ve expanded our search to homes to buy. I certainly hope we’ll be at least mostly unpacked by the time the baby arrives….

On a completely unrelated note, today just happens to be my birthday. Yay, me. I won’t say what number it is, but it’s a nice, round, geeky power of two that just happens to coincide with the number of megabytes of RAM the first PC I personally bought had. No big plans for today… just putting in a full day’s work (my next to last on my current job) and going out to eat one last time before we move at our favorite Japanese hibachi steakhouse.

I just realized… ever since we moved down here, I’ve had to drive all the way from Burlington to Greensboro (a good half-hour’s drive) just to get to Best Buy. Then the finally put a Best Buy in Burlington, just five minutes from here, and now we’re moving where the nearest BB will probably be a hundred miles away. Dang it….

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