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No new GPFs in October

September 19th, 2006 by Jeff | 5 Core Dumps

Two updates in one day; imagine that. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have the happy ending of the previous one.

Try as I might, it’s starting to look like there won’t be any new GPFs in October. I’ve actually made progress with the strip, getting a number of weeks scripted (including the fates of “Nega” Nick and “Nega” Ki and we actually get to see the Gamester (gasp) doing something other than standing around and grimacing), a full week drawn (using the old seven-days-a-week reckoning), and half a week completely finished and ready to upload. However, all that work took over two weeks to complete, including the Labor Day holiday weekend. That’s nowhere near a sustainable schedule, and as I stated in the last GPF News post, I won’t start updating again until I can either build a buffer and sustain it or finish To Thine Own Self…, whichever comes first. Thus, my target end date for the current hiatus will be moved from October 2nd to November 6th (the first Monday in November). As promised, there will be a News update on October 2nd stating as much, but I thought I’d give those of you who visit her occasionally the initial heads-up.

It’s been good working on the strip again, but with wild events like Ben’s surgery interrupting things, it’s getting really hard to come up with any sort of predictability.

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