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GPF will be back in November

October 23rd, 2006 by Jeff | 7 Core Dumps

Okay, I think it’s officially decided. GPF will be back on November 6th. The only real question right now is how often the strip will update once it returns. I’m currently looking at three options:

  1. Update three days per week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday
  2. Update two days per week, Monday and probably Friday
  3. Update one day per week on Monday

Right now, the third option is most likely. While I’ve got a number of strips in the buffer, I’m just not producing them fast enough to update with any greater frequency. I want to go as high as I can, of course; my ultimate goal is to get back to the “daily grind” of every day of the week. That’s just not going to happen until some part of my schedule clears up. The twice-per-week option is appealing to me, only because it’s more frequent than once per week, but I’m not sure I can ramp back up that quickly. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind if things look more promising. But I’m fairly certain that I can at least get one strip out per week, which gets us that much closer to finally finishing off To Thine Own Self….

I’ve also had a formal request from a good friend of mine to have something up for GPF’s anniversary on November 2nd. I really hate the thought of missing that anniversary, so I’ll see what I can cook up. If nothing else, it might be a quick-and-dirty sketch, but hopefully it can be more. Keep your eyes peeled.

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