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My wife made me do this…

November 2nd, 2006 by Jeff | 6 Core Dumps

[Ben roots for WVU]

I am contractually obligated (via a marriage license and the fact that I’ll be sleeping in the back of the Ford for the next few weeks if I don’t) to post the above picture. Tonight, WVU is playing Louisville. Personally, I have very little interest in sports (I’m a geek that way) and at my best have only the tiniest comprehension of (American) football and its rules. My in-laws, however, are huge WVU football fans, as is just about every other person (living or dead) in this state. My wife is positively giddy about the game, which is undoubtedly a big deal as both teams are highly ranked this year (by some truly bizarre ranking system that I think requires a university degree in its own right to understand). By pure coincidence, the nanny dressed Ben in his WVU onesie this morning (a gift from one of our baby showers). This sent my wife over the edge, forcing her to demand that I post the picture. And here it is.

Mind you, I’ll have absolutely no problem if Ben turns out to be a total jock someday (negative connotations removed, of course). I’ll support any healthy endeavor he decides to participate in, be it athletic, intellectual, creative, or what have you. Just so long as he isn’t embarrassed that his old man is a code monkey and living proof that white men can’t jump. (Yes, I know that’s a basketball reference in a post about football. Sue me.)

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