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Some anniversary, huh?

November 2nd, 2006 by Jeff | 3 Core Dumps

I sit here typing one-handed with a baby sleeping (finally) in the other arm to confirm that yes, there’s no celebratory anniversary pic on the GPF site today. (Today is GPF’s eighth anniversary, for those who didn’t know.) I know a number of you have asked or hoped for one and have even given me plenty of ideas, but time just hasn’t been on my side. When I did get a bit of time yesterday evening, I made an executive decision and worked on actual comics (and nearly completed the digital half of one). I thought producing more content was more important than working on some quick sketch to celebrate an arbitrary date on the calendar. Sorry to those who are disappointed. However, I have uploaded the latest batch of finished strips, so GPF is on track for a return to updates (albeit one per week) on Monday, November 6th.

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