Two mortgages are never fun…

November 30th, 2006 by Jeff | Dump Core

Sorry for the recent silence, folks. With work, Ben, and the Thanksgiving holiday, I haven’t had much time for blogging of late. There should be some interesting things coming up soon, so hopefully things will pick up here soon.

The real thing I wanted to mention is that our house in North Carolina finally sold. The closing was today, and fortunately we were able to do our part remotely without having to take days off from work to be there in person. There were a number of last minute repairs that had to be done (which suspiciously were caught by the buyer’s home inspector where our own inspector found none of these issues a few months before), but those have been taken care of. We’ve officially severed all our ties down south, so we’re no longer Rednecks and have been firmly reinstated as Hillbillies again. (There’s a subtle but definite difference.) Considering that both mortgages combined ate up more than half of my pay in a given month, we’re definitely relieved.

In celebration, here’s a peek at the final colored version of the Gamester picture I previously taunted you with. Enjoy!


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