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January 5th, 2007 by Jeff | 4 Core Dumps

Sorry for the recent quietness, folks, but with the holidays often come extreme business, and I’ve definitely been busy. However, I thought my first post of the year should be an interesting one, and it definitely is. A word of warning: extreme baby cuteness lies ahead.

My wife and I started last night with the long, arduous task of taking down all the Christmas decorations. Of course, putting them up this season took longer than in the past because of our new then-four-month-old distraction, and I’ll bet taking them down will face the same temporal challenges. I took the job of babysitter (literally, as I was making it him sit up) while my wife started taking ornaments off the tree. This was largely uneventful, as Ben was distracted by the TV most of the time.

Then my wife took down my Darth Vader Hallmark ornament. I seem to receive a bunch of Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments every year, and I’ll be that over the years I’ve probably ended up with almost every ornament in Hallmark’s collections from these series. Well, she set Lord Vader down next to me while she started opening his box. I was exhausted and doped up on several prescription medicines (I’m currently battling my yearly bout of bronchitis), so that was probably affecting my sense of humor. I picked up Vader and started marching him through the air toward Ben, doing the Vader breath mask sound. In my best James Earl Jones impersonation (which is admittedly pretty bad), I said, “Ben… I am your father.” And something amazing happened.

Ben laughed. He laughed hysterically.

Since Vader’s lightsabre was fully extended (yes, there are occasional jokes about the comparative lengths of Vader’s and Luke’s ornament’s lightsabres), I started making the lightsabre swooshing sound. Having grown up during the golden years of Star Wars, I got really good at making that sound growing up. Once I started that, though, Ben laughed even more. Each swoosh brought more giggles, which were incredibly infectious. Mind you, we’ve heard Ben laugh before, but never have we found anything that predictably made him laugh on cue.

As you might guess, his tech-savvy mother immediately rushed to the office and grabbed the video camera to document the event. For your mutual amusement, I’ve posted a link to the video below. I promised myself I wouldn’t post much video of Ben to the blog (and there are hours and hours of video already taken, I assure you), but this was just too cute not to share. The link requires JavaScript and Flash and launches in a new window, so folks who may read this via RSS may want to come to the official site to see it.

Ben vs. Darth Vader (1:28, 3.98M)

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