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Still no schedule update in February

January 24th, 2007 by Jeff | Dump Core

Well, I just performed a new version of the GPF production schedule estimation that I previously mentioned. For review, I took the dates of recently finished comics (i.e. since the last estimation calculation), converted those dates to week numbers, and calculated the average number of comics I’m producing per week. Unfortunately, this copy of the calculation includes the Christmas and New Years holidays, so the estimation is abysmal: 0.58 comics per week (hereafter referred to as “CPW”). Thus, I’ve effectively produced half a comic per week, or a comic every two weeks, since mid-December. That’s not good. However, when I ignore the holidays (which are usually light on comic production anyway, but that’s typically hidden from you by my once legendary buffer) and only focus on the month of January thus far, the outlook is a bit better: 1.67 CPW. That’s technically better than the previous 1.27 CPW I calculated the last time, but it only covers three weeks, whereas the previous calculation covered almost four months. When I extend the previous calculation to encompass September 2006 through January 2007 (a nice five month average), the total average comes to 1.44 CPW.

Bottom line: I’m doing better, perhaps even increasing my production more than the last time. But there still won’t be a schedule frequency upgrade in February. Sorry, but GPF will remain weekly next month. Bummer. However, sometime in March is my next scheduled Keenspot Newsbox, so hopefully I can increase the schedule by then.

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