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Once again, more site changes…

January 29th, 2007 by Jeff | Dump Core

No, you’re not seeing things. Neural Core Dump should be looking quite a bit different now. After a lot of investigation and some pretty complicated Apache configuration file tweaking, I’ve moved the blog from using Movable Type to WordPress. Not that I’ve had any serious issues with MT; it has served me rather well the past couple years, and I’ve been reasonably happy with it. I primarily picked MT over the other options out there because (a) I wanted to host my own blog and not have it on some big mega site like Blogger or TypePad and (b) I had heard good things about MT (as one person put it, it’s “real blogging software”). However, the recent problems with the site (admittedly not MT’s fault in any way) have caused secondary issues (like the inability to post comments) that have made MT less functional for me. Plus, I like to think of myself as a closet Open Source advocate (see the advocacy question in this old NewsForge interview), and WP is Open Source all the way. (MT’s source is available, of course, seeing as it’s primarily Perl with a dash of PHP, but strictly speaking it’s not Open Source.)

Now for the nitty gritty. I’m sure you’re asking, “How does this affect me?” Hopefully, it won’t affect you much, if at all. The aforementioned Apache tweaking has been mostly mod_rewrite directives to allow old links (both internal and external) to continue to work. If you have old links or bookmarks that point to posts made on the old site, those links should continue to work. (I can’t, of course, guarantee that they’ll work indefinitely, but I tend to be more obsessive about maintaining old links that most webmasters.) However, I’d recommend that you use the new permalinks generated by WP in new links and perhaps update old links to ensure the best compatibility. Note that this also affects the various XML feeds like Atom and RSS; WP puts them in different places than MT and the rewrites should allow the old MT feeds to work, but I’d suggesting changing your feed URLs.

Commenters will notice that we’re no longer using TypePad authentication. Thus, any old logins you may have created to comment here in the past won’t work here anymore. (They should, of course, continue to work on other TypePad-authenticated sites, so I wouldn’t abandon them unless you only used them to comment here.) You’ll need to create a new “subscriber” account here on this site in order to comment. Comments are still moderated, but once you’ve made your first moderated post you should be able to make additional posts without any trouble. WP has a number of comment spam features, so I may have to dredge the filter occasionally to make sure no comments get inadvertently filtered.

TrackBacks and Pings are still disabled. Still haven’t found a good use for them to offset the potential spam abuse.

WP seems to be noticeably slower than MT. This is likely because WP is purely dynamic PHP while MT builds static HTML pages. I’m not sure how much I like that, but I plan to keep using WP for a while to see how well it seems to handle the load.

Expect plenty of hammering, sawing, and general construction work as I continue to fiddle and tweak. While the conversion should be largely complete, I’ve got a whole new system to figure out, so things are bound to change.

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