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I’m getting tired of apologizing for this site…

February 6th, 2007 by Jeff | Dump Core

Not a good blog weekend. But now the weekend is over, and everything looks to be back in working order. For the moment. I hope.

Comments should now work, I believe. Tim from Germany came to our rescue again and pointed me toward a WordPress plugin called wpPHPMailer. This wraps the more generic PHPMailer script into a WP plugin and allows WP to send mail via a third-party SMTP server instead of through PHP’s mail() function, which uses the server’s built-in mailer (like sendmail). Thus, I can get around the problem of WP sending out password confirmation e-mails and commenters should be able to register. You’ll find the registration link in the Meta part of the side bar (right above the “brain dump truck” image).

As for why the blog was down all weekend… blame my ISP. Sometime Saturday, our power flickered. The computers were fine, as the laptops went on battery power and the desktops flipped to the UPS. However, something must have happened between the ISP’s router and our cable modem to cause them to “lose” our cable modem’s MAC address. Yeah, I don’t understand that one either. The ISP and the cable modem wouldn’t talk to each other, so we couldn’t get an IP and thus couldn’t get online. My wife (who works from home and thus needs VPN access) called the ISP and got things settled sometime yesterday morning.

Now hopefully I can post about something other than what’s wrong with this blasted site.

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