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Update on several things…

February 17th, 2007 by Jeff | Dump Core

I know I’ve been silent for a bit, but as usual that means I’ve been rather busy. However, I thought I’d pop a quick post up to keep you appraised of a few things worth updating you on.

First, I’ve noticed several of you have tried to register for commenting, which means the mailer script previous mentioned seems to be working. I know this because I’ve been getting messages each time someone signs up. Unfortunately, I’ve received reports that when you try to log in to comment that you keep getting redirected to the login page (or just getting a blank page). Looks like we’ve still got some bugs to work out. The good news, however, is that I’m in the process of trying to move the blog to more reliable hosting. It’s probably going to end up “hidden” somewhere on Keenspot; it will be on their servers, but it won’t be accessible from the Keenspot header drop-down or main page. That means there will probably be ads to offset Keen’s hosting costs, but that also means I’ll get a little extra ad revenue (or PREMIUM subscriptions) for each visit you make to the blog. This is something I don’t get at the moment, and it sure beats spending money on hosting elsewhere. If for some reason Keen elects not to host the blog (which is within in their rights as a host), then I’ll probably be moving to some other host where I will be paying, and they’ll probably be ads anyway to offset the cost.

Now for GPF. I haven’t fully decided on this yet, but I’m seriously considering adding a few extra updates starting in March. Now before you get all excited, these additional updates will probably not be comic updates. I’m still not comfortable with my comic generating output to increase the update frequency. However, I am considering some optional extras to be updated during the week to keep you guys coming to the site (and, to be completely honest, to keep my page views and thus my ad revenue up). Most likely, the main comic will update on Mondays and will remain weekly for the time being. Then there will be additional updates on Wednesdays and Fridays with extra content for those who are interested.

The primary candidate for the Wednesday update is reruns of Jeff’s Sketchbook, our PREMIUM-exclusive weekly extra content. Now, for your PREMIES out there, this won’t be a permanent thing; this is only filler until the main comic is producing at a frequency that I can do M-W-F updates again. In addition, I’d start running the Sketchbook from the beginning, so sketches that run on the main page will be around five years old. The freshest sketches will continue to be on the Sketchbook site. Another bonus for PREMIES is that these Wednesday reruns will not go into the main GPF archive; they will run on the main page from Wednesday to Thursday of a given week, and then will only be available again from the Sketchbook archive, which requires a PREMIUM subscription. Thus, non-subscribers will get a weekly two-day peek at five-year-old Sketchbook content, which will then go back into the vault where only subscribers can see it. I like to think of it as an incentive for non-subscribers to sign up, and as a trip down memory lane for loyal Faulties who already have a subscription.

The Friday update is, unfortunately, the big question mark, and why this entire plan may fall apart. I currently don’t have a long-term content stream to populate the weekend. Like the main page Sketchbook update, Friday updates would not go into the main GPF archive. However, depending on what gets run, it might go into its own archive elsewhere on the GPF site. Prime candidates are some of my old junior high, high school, and college comics (if I can find any that aren’t blatant copyright and trademark infringements), some sketches and concept art not currently in the Sketchbook, or other similar non-GPF content. I’ve also seriously considered abandoning my plan to make Surreptitious Machinations II a PREMIUM-exclusive and running it as a weekly main page feature. The updates would then go into their own archive, which will remain open and not behind PREMIUM. The problem with this last one is that SM2 is only about one-fifth of the way finished, and I would either need to spend extra time finishing its pages (thus taking time away from the main strip) or running rough scripts (which are complete but very sketchy and sometimes difficult to follow) and then replacing the sketches with finished comics later.

Of course, I’m always interested in what you guys have to think about these ideas. Unfortunately, since commenting doesn’t seem to work at the moment, I invite you to visit the GPF forum and discuss it there. In fact… there, I’ve created a thread especially for it. Please give me your thoughts.

And now, for being so attentive, here’s a fun little teaser for another upcoming comic. This ought to keep you talking for a while. 😉

Trudy kisses Nick! Oh my!

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