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So… what happened?

April 5th, 2007 by Jeff | Dump Core

Most of you are probably wondering what happened yesterday with the blog. For those who may not have seen it, folks visiting the site via a Web browser were being redirected to another site. I won’t post its URL, as I don’t particularly want to give them any more Googleshare, but it seemed to be some sort of portal site in a language I didn’t immediately recognize. Some of you have speculated that this might have had something to do with the impending move to Keenspot, or perhaps with Keenspot’s current DNS server problems. While I wish those were the case, unfortunately they weren’t.

It looks like it was a problem with my dynamic DNS service, DNS2Go. As previously stated, DNS2Go has an HTTP redirection service that lets me forward “www.jeffdarlington.com” on standard HTTP port 80 to the site’s real IP address at its real non-standard port. This is the component that seems to have failed. Going to www.jeffdarlington.com took you to the mysterious site; however, if you went to jeffdarlington.com:8081 (the site’s real port number), you got the blog. (The style sheet didn’t work, of course, because WordPress hard codes the domain name in all URLs, including to the style sheet. But the content itself was still available.)

I put in a support ticket last night with DNS2Go’s tech support and got the following response this morning:

It was something on our end and we have resolved that problem.

Not very descriptive, but accurate; the site is obviously now up. My guess? I think they were hacked, and they don’t want to admit it. Their own main domain was also down during this time, and all of my domains that used the redirection service in some fashion were affected. I haven’t had a chance to independently research this theory with the conference going on and all, but it seems a bit more suspicious to me than just a technical glitch.

Anyway, things are back to normal now. The move to Keenspot is currently slated for the weekend of April 20th, just in case anyone is interested in knowing.

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