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Baby’s first blog post

April 29th, 2007 by Jeff | Dump Core

Not surprising given his parentage, Ben has taken an early interest in computers. If he’s awake in the mornings while I’m doing my morning Web surfing, I’ll often put Apollo the laptop next to me while holding him, so I can keep reading comics while he watches Baby Einstein. This often becomes a distraction for him, though, as he’d much rather see what Daddy is up to that’s undoubtedly more interesting than puppets. This usually turns into a wrestling match as he wants to play with Daddy’s toy, which is infinitely more cool than any of his.

Well, this morning I decided to give him a crack at the thing. After waiting for Apollo to boot  (“Remember, Ben, this is a Windows box, so that takes a while….”), I opened a word processor, changed the font to something large and bright so it was easy to see that he was actually making it do things, and let him go to town. I had to intervene a couple times when he hit Control or Alt, and I deleted a good bit of the unnecessary whitespace (he was particularly fond of the large Enter key and had nine pages of carriage returns), but otherwise left it as it was and thought I’d go ahead and share.

So without further ado, I present baby’s first blog post:

l———;p J;kj;lj;lkjjupoytouigry 8 7yj/
. t vmb jku g

Not a lot of substance, but he’s still getting the hang of this “language” thing. Still, it’s probably better than 90% of the blog posts out there anyway….

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