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June 11th, 2007 by Jeff | Dump Core

Just have to share a proud parent moment this morning. Those easily nauseated by baby cuteness or sappy parental sentimentality should avoid this post.

Ben’s been sleeping well through the night now, but the little guy has had the occasional tendency to get us up ridiculously early in the morning. This morning, it was around 3:30 AM and for no apparent reason. Yesterday, it was more like 4:30, but the reason was definitely legit; the poor little guy had an “accident” in the middle of the night, so his pajamas, blanket, and bed sheets all needed to be changed. Since he woke up in quite the fuss, we whipped up a bottle and fed him until he fell back asleep. Once he was down, we got to go back to bed ourselves. I’ve never been one to go back to sleep easily after I’ve been awakened, but that’s changed in the past ten months. I’ve also stepped up in teaching him the days of the week so he’ll hopefully realize that on weekends we sleep in and weekdays are when we get up ridiculously early (and usually not because we want to).

I woke up again around 7 AM, unable to get back to sleep. So I got up and started poking around with our newest toy (our anniversary present to each other, which I’ll probably post about shortly in a separate post). It wasn’t long before Ben woke up again and I could hear him moving around through the baby monitor, so I went in to check on him. As I walked through the door, he was laying on his back, which told me he was wide awake, as he’s been taking to sleeping on his side and belly lately. As I walked up to the crib, he opened his eyes and looked dead at me. Then, plain as day, he said rather definitively, “Da da.” It wasn’t a stream of endless “da da da da” babble or a mixture of bizarre baby sounds strung together in a haphazard fashion. He looked at me, he recognized me, he knew what my “name” was, and he verbalized his acknowledgment. That’s a big step there in infant development. It’s also something that should turn any father’s heart into a big squishy mush. I immediately picked him up and snuggled him up to my shoulder, in part because I knew he’d be hungry and would need another diaper change, but also because I didn’t want him to see me getting all misty-eyed. Needless to say, I was on Cloud 9 the rest of the day.

Technically, I don’t think this was his first word. He’s babbled quite a bit the last month or two, and he was doing “ma ma ma” a bit before he was doing “da da da.” At the same time, I can’t think of anytime he’s verbally acknowledged something by name. I’m afraid, though, that we’ll have to officially say his first word was probably “pooh”… which I’m hoping he meant “Winnie the” and not any other connotations thereof.

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