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Comments restored… for now

November 19th, 2007 by Jeff | 2 Core Dumps

Follow up from the last post: Comments should be working again, although not in a fashion that I’d prefer. I had to completely disable Admin-SSL, thus login and login cookies are no longer secure. If you logged in while it was active, you’ll likely need to log in again before you can post, even if you check the “remember me” box. I’m still looking into why it doesn’t work. There’s a known limitation that shared SSL setups will fail to recognize logins in insecure mode, but they say nothing about dedicated setups like mine, which I would think would imply that it ought to work. Then again, I also had some mod_rewrite rules in place, but I experimented with removing those and so I don’t think they’re part of the problem.

I suppose this isn’t a big deal for you guys, since I doubt anyone will be all torn up over making sure their logins to some random guy’s blog are secure. It affects me more than anyone else, because I’d feel much safer if I could protect the admin parts of the site with a layer of encryption. Still, in places where I really need encryption I can verify it still works, so I guess the blog will just have to be open. :\

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