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WinHasher 1.2

November 30th, 2007 by Jeff | Dump Core

I just can’t leave well enough alone. I’ve been mildly annoyed with the “hash in progress” and progress dialogs in WinHasher 1.1. The original idea was to use System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker to easily multi-thread very large hashes (say of CD or DVD ISOs or uncompressed video files). This had two benefits: (1) it allows the user to cancel a hash in progress and (2) gives us an opportunity to update the GUI while the hashing takes place in the background, meaning we can inform the user of the progress. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a method right away to determine the progress of an individual hash. System.Security.Cryptography.HashAlgorithm.ComputeHash() by default takes a byte array or file stream and chugs the whole thing at once, spitting out the hash as a result. There’s no way with this method to determine how far along you are.

However, if you look at the guts of ComputeHash(), you’ll find it reads in chunks of bytes into a buffer, then calls two methods: TransformBlock() for every chunk but the last, and TransformFinalBlock() to hash the last chunk and finalize the hash. The result can then be obtained from the HashAlgorithm.Hash property. If we bypass the convenience of the single ComputeHash() method call, you can read chunks of bytes from the buffer, feed it to the Transform...() methods, and keep track of how many bytes have been read so far. Since we already know how big the file is from the start (System.IO.FileStream.Length), it’s trivial to calculate a percentage complete. Want the progress of a multi-file comparison? Sum the lengths of all files in the batch, then keep track of the total number of bytes hashed along the way.

I’ve bumped WinHasher to version 1.2. It should be available on the official site by tomorrow morning.

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