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Introducing Writing & the Recycle Bin

June 30th, 2009 by Jeff | Dump Core

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting rather tired of this blog becoming nothing but an archive of my Twitter posts. It seemed like a good idea at the time (and probably still is), but I’ve spent so much more time tweeting than I have actually writing that nothing new is getting posted here. Well, this is an attempt to change that.

I’m adding a new category to the blog called Writing, in which I plan to publish a number of non-GPF creative writing efforts I’ve done over the years. Most will be older stuff never released to the public, while there will hopefully be newer work added over time. Yes, I’ve written plenty of stuff besides GPF over the years; it’s just GPF dominates my time so much that I rarely get to work on anything else. That’s not meant to make it sound like I don’t enjoy writing GPF, of course. Creative types out there will likely understand that while I still consider GPF my pride and joy, sometimes it’s refreshing to work on something else to keep the creative juices from getting stale. (They tend to congeal into a rather disgusting, sticky mass if they’re not kept fresh.)

Anyway, what I’m most likely to publish will be old short stories. The shortest ones should be printed in their entirety in a single post while most will end up being serialized across several. Many of these stories will be rather old and unpolished (after all, I did mention that GPF affords me little time to write anything else), but I’ll throw them up as-is and let you digest them as they are. I may throw in some extra commentary as well, depending on how much time I can muster after copying, pasting, and cleaning up the text.

I’m also going to add a second sub-category called the Recycle Bin. This will mostly consist of projects that will otherwise never see the light of day, primarily because they’re based on other well-established worlds and characters that I’d likely get sued over if I ever fleshed them out. That’s right: fan-fiction. I’ll only be publishing synopses here—plot summaries, brief character descriptions, and maybe just maybe (gasp!) sketches—but there should be enough content to make it worth the effort (while not enough to make the lawyers salivate).

I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be posting these; a lot may depend on how quickly I can scour old CDs and other archive media to find these items, and then how much effort it takes to import them into WordPress. But the plan is to have something new up every week at a minimum. Who knows… maybe I’ll even (drumroll, please) post in advance so there will be pre-scheduled updates. (I have learned a thing or two from the comic over the past decade.)

I hope you guys enjoy these additional updates.

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