Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-08-15

August 15th, 2009 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/Wqs8l #
  • Dang it… yesterday's "hilarious yet true" tweet from my phone never went through, and I only just now found out. 😛 #
  • Geek parenting fact: If a toddler HAS to press a random button, it HAS to be the power switch on a UPS powering three computers. #
  • Missing tweet shows up > 24hrs later (toddler + UPS one), with no memories of where it has been. It smells of mysteriously of peaches. #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/UuRd7 #
  • Every time I have to deal with SELinux, a little tiny part of me dies… #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/8zhQi #
  • I *SO* want to make a spoilerish tweet about the next GPF story I'm scripting. Oh, the hate mail I'm going to get about this one… 😀 #
  • Fun fact: Wrote the next GPF story backwards. There's a fixed schedule to fill & I needed the climax to flow just right. Start was flexible. #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/vh823 #
  • Reminder: FLOSS Weekly live recording NEXT WEDNESDAY Aug. 19 @ 1:30pm PDT/20:30 UTC http://live.twit.tv/ with Chris Wright & Chris Kohler #
  • I don't know whether to laugh or pity them: RT: @merlyn: Texas Judge rules Microsoft can’t sell Word anymore (wow!) http://bit.ly/17xQdK #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/fTlaE #
  • Today is the boy's 3rd birthday. Really wish I could be spending all day with him rather than slaving to meet looming deadlines at work. 🙁 #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/Ev8Vc #
  • Not sure what's up, but blog server is down. Had to do a "hard" reboot (equiv of pulling the plug), now Apache won't start. Not ETA. #
  • Warning to webmasters: Bug in Fedora 11 Apache Portable Runtime (APR) 1.3.8-1.fc11, downgrade to 1.3.3-4.fc11 http://tinyurl.com/lboucy #
  • Of course, the "duh" answer to this morning's server woes is "don't use a bleeding edge Linux distro for a production site". #
  • Ye cats. FLOSS Weekly schedule states next week's interview will include @jonobacon. Man, that show's gonna be crowded… and fun! #
  • Head's up: GPF (& maybe blog) server will be down briefly this Saturday as I upgrade to a larger server plan in prep for FLOSS Weekly show. #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/5QK0I #

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