Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-08-22

August 22nd, 2009 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/dZwiO #
  • Didn't get a chance to upgrade server plans yesterday, so GPF & blog may be down sometime this AM EDT. Got to yum upgrade some packages 1st. #
  • Server upgrades complete. GPF & blog look to be A-OK. Just need to tweak some caching variables to take advantage of more available memory. #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/3aWeme #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/aI8QO #
  • Playing with memory settings on both GPF & blog servers to make the most of new RAM. Sites may seem down periodically as I bounce them. #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/l0UkU #
  • Reminder: FLOSS Weekly interview TODAY 1:30 PDT / 4:30 EDT / 20:30 UTC http://live.twit.tv/ ! Be there or… not be there! #
  • Actually watching TWiT Live for a change, Security Now! is on. Neat seeing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff I usually miss. #
  • Tech glitches during Security Now! are not helping my steadily increasing pre-interview jitters… [nervous grin] #
  • FLOSS Weekly taping begins soon… no, I'm not nervous. Nope. Not at all. (My fingers have no nails left.) #
  • WE'RE ON LIVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • http://live.twit.tv/ #
  • FLOSS Weekly recording over. Can't wait to d/l and hear how idiotic I sounded. Now off to dinner with the family & in-laws. #
  • It's me w/Leo, Randal & Jono! RT @letslets Get to live.twit.tv now for some great computer funnies. See pic… [pic] http://ff.im/6QZe3 #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/z1yCp #
  • Started "Red Mars" by Kim Stanley Robinson via Audible this AM. #
  • Downloadable video capture of yesterday's FLOSS Weekly interview (MP4 format): http://odtv.me/2009/08/floss-83/ #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/OFybY #
  • GPF Book #5 now available: $ which spoon /usr/bin/which: no spoon in $PATH http://tinyurl.com/mwy2j7 #
  • Correction: GPF Book #5 now available… for pre-order! http://tinyurl.com/mwy2j7 #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/19MsFx #

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