Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-08-29

August 29th, 2009 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Spent the day at state fair showing the boy goats, cows, & rabbits, then my parents' 40th anniversary party. Busy but fun day. Lots of pics. #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/29Y86 #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/vUDsi #
  • Dreamed full-on alien invasion last night from first strike to my prophetic involvement in the rebellion. For some reason, I woke up tired. #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/NuTMX #
  • Nice spike in the server logs for Monday from FLOSS Weekly listeners. And you guys finally made the new beefed-up server use swap space! #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/kB8NA #
  • Playing superheroes with the boy. He's Batman, I'm Spider-man. Ah, the joys of play with out trademark restrictions… #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/Jeyan #
  • And my vacation for the next 10 days beings in 3… 2… 1…. #
  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/UGLyE #

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