Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-10-17

October 17th, 2009 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • New GPF: http://bit.ly/foVAw #
  • Oops. Typo in today's strip. Sorry about that. It's fixed, so if you still see the old one, force a refresh to get around our caching rules. #
  • GPF Book #5 appears to be now shipping! (Got my copies in the mail this past weekend) #
  • At wife's suggestion, disabling robo-tweets of GPF comic updates. If updates are consistent, there's no point in annoying folks with them. #
  • Spent Columbus Day holiday assembling new 55" LED LCD TV + Blu-Ray home theater setup. Exhausted, but in 1080p & surround sound <evil grin>. #
  • T-Mobile/Danger cloud data debacle makes me a bit more nervous about considering a Palm Pre if it comes to Verizon in January as rumored… #
  • Finally sat down with Inkscape to make an SVG, vector version of GPF Seal. Been using low-res bitmap copy for over a decade. Inkscape FTW! #
  • Something clicked. I… I think I actually *get* Inkscape now. (O_O) #
  • Finally fixed 2 typos in today's strip. It's daddy/son day, so haven't been online until the past hour. (It's nap time, finally!) #

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