Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-10-24

October 24th, 2009 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Wife informs me our 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid just rolled over 100k miles. Not sure if that number's magic like it used to be, but a hybrid? #
  • Premium folk: Sorry for missed Sketchbook update today. Put off main comic work tonight to fill Sketchbook buffer so it won't happen again. #
  • RT: @howardtayler: Okay, this? Cool. http://bit.ly/zTymB Also, it blends the WORST things a table-top RPG and computer-based RPG can offer. #
  • Wife's micro banana bread muffins are exceedingly tasty, but I feel like such a pig saying I ate *nine* muffins for breakfast this morning. #
  • Update to WordPress 2.8.5 less painful than to 2.8.4… only because I remembered all the hoops I had to jump through the last time… #
  • Wildlife-filled lunch: saw a mink, a turtle, a small-mouth bass, a carp, and another carp chasing two ducks, all from my seat by the window. #
  • Busy scripting second story arc of upcoming GPF Year Eleven. One character has been reduced to tears. My evil cartoonist moniker is secure. #
  • Someone place an order in the GPF Store? I HAVE A STORE???!???!? #
  • Finally finished "Red Mars". Opinions way too deep to condense into 140 chars, but final verdict: Meh. Doubt I'll read the other two books. #
  • Dilemma brewing: Rumors have Palm Pre coming to Verizon in Jan, now Droid comes in Nov. My New Every 2 is up in Dec. Decisions, decisions… #
  • The boy still hasn't grasped the concept of "sleeping in on the weekend". I'M UP BEFORE 6AM ON A SATURDAY! Grumpy daddy… #

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