Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-10-31

October 31st, 2009 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Spending the day putting up drywall to fix holes in ceiling from plumbing work. I'm much more comfortable with firewalls than drywall… #
  • More blasts from the past: drawing a character AWOL from GPF for a good five years. Expect more archive dredging in the coming months… #
  • Started "Soul Music" (Discworld #16) by Terry Pratchett via Audible.com this morning. #
  • Fire drill. Standing in rain, trying to avoid second-hand smoke. Joy. #
  • The boy: "Daddy, you're a great friend." I'm a big mushy pile of mushy mushiness right now. #
  • Line work's getting so shaky I'm tempted to use circle/arc tools to do character faces. *Always* did this by hand. Now I feel… dirty. #
  • Just finished strip #2980 by continuity spreadsheet. Archive DB says I have 3045 updates; that includes guest strips. A decade will do that. #
  • How curious am I about the Verizon Droid? Downloaded the Android 2.0 SDK/emulator to play with it. No calendar tho, which Droid should have. #
  • Full day: 7 loads of laundry, swept/mopped/vacuumed entire house, general straightening, & drew 1.5 comics. And they call this a "day off"? #

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