Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-12-19

December 19th, 2009 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • The first Blu-ray movie ever to play in the new home theater? Why Disney/Pixar "Cars", of course. Yes, the boy rules the roost. #
  • (OK, I'll admit it. "Cars" is one of our favorite movies too. I'm the one who tried to get the wife to get it a month ago.) #
  • Note to self: When learning to program a new platform (say, Android), start with a SMALLER project. (But I thought it WAS small!) #
  • Countdown to GPF 3000: Finished 2998, February 1, 2010. Two more to go… #
  • Countdown to GPF 3000: Finished 2999, February 3, 2010. One more to go… #
  • Script for GPF 3000 is like pulling teeth. Very healthy, deeply rooted, set in concrete teeth. Got punchline, need the rest. No pressure… #
  • Finally worked out the script for GPF 3000. It will be an italics-palooza of thinly veiled sarcasm, insinuation, and Fooker-ishness. #
  • RT @krisstraub RT for the day crowd @MattWilsonCSS: how Keenspot fired @kellhound for Christmas http://tinyurl.com/ykkjw3j #
  • What fun: Freak snow storm has me snowed in 50 mi from home, likely stuck at work for the night. Just hope the wife & son can make it home. #
  • Son is finally safe with his aunt. Wife is still stuck on the interstate, but at least she's not alone (others are stuck around her). #

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