Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-12-26

December 26th, 2009 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Status update: Still snowed in 50 mi from home. Wife made it to hotel safely, son's safe with his aunt. No clue when the roads will be clear #
  • Trying to put my captivity to use by working on comics. Man, it's been too long since I used my old Intuos. My Tablet PC has spoiled me. #
  • Snow pics for anyone interested (& not sick of hearing about the snow already): http://tinyurl.com/yf2jsmr #
  • Took forever because I had the wrong tools & it won't win any art awards, but GPF 3000 is in the queue. It runs February 5, 2010. *Collapse* #
  • Couldn't tweet last night but finally made it to the same city as my family ~8pm EST. Oh, & a hot shower too! Next goal: *real* food. #
  • Our first time sleeping in our own bed in five days! Finally home. Wish our cars were too… #
  • Things often overheard in our household: "No ranch [dressing] fingers on the Wii remote!" #
  • Thanksgiving: Entire family fights the flu. Christmas: Worst blizzard in years. Anticipating fire & brimstone for New Year's. #
  • Keenspot is at the heart of yet another webcomics "drama". For the first time in 9 years, I'm pround to say… it's not my problem. 😀 #
  • (That's not to say I can't sympathize with the situation. If any Keenspotter needs advice on going solo, feel free to ping me.) #
  • My big Christmas gift this year: Trip to NYC to see Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. My wife rocks. #

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