Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-01-09

January 9th, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Wife has imposed a "no Dr. Who" rule until this week's comics are done. You guys understand what's REALLY important, right? RIGHT?!? #
  • Finally wiped my old Treo 700p, inspiration of 2008's "iDilemma". Felt like putting down an old, faithful dog. Passed on playing "Taps" tho. #
  • Have the theme to "Mappy" stuck in my head for some reason. One of the best early coin-op themes, IMNSHO. #
  • There WAS a time when I didn't have to shovel a foot of snow every other day. I don't remember when that was, but I KNOW it wasn't a dream. #
  • Just a reminder: Jeff's Sketchbook is a GPF Premium exclusive that updates on MONDAYS, only for subscribers. #tuesdaysketch (or not) #
  • Seriously, I'm getting tired of shoveling the same 3-5" of snow every 6-12 hours. At this point, I'm changing my vote to FOR global warming. #
  • I'm sure a snowblower would be more effective against our daily snow deluge, but a flame thrower would be a LOT more therapeutic…. #
  • Yes, there's a typo in today's (Jan. 6) strip. No, I don't have time to fix it. It just has to wait. #
  • Typo in today's comic is now fixed. If you still see the old version, refresh or clear your cache. Thanks for the notices, all. #
  • Thinking of experimenting with Twitter multimedia. Which is your favorite & why: yfrog vs Posterous? Twidroid supports both for pics & vids. #

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