Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-02-06

February 6th, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • When MS Excel is smart, it's smart. But when it's dumb, oh boy, is it dumb. I hate manually tweaking dozens of cells to get what I want. #
  • GPF isn't more topical because I hate being locked to someone else's calendar. Next story to script needs padding due 2 external date change #
  • GPF's hosting service is experiencing DNS issues. Access seems connection dependent. Please be patient if you're having trouble reaching it. #
  • 77 iPad Updates That May or May Not Please the Critics: http://bit.ly/cxuFsM My favorites: the iPadlaserosaurus & Photoshop + stylus #
  • Mozilla Accepts Chinese CNNIC Root CA Cert: http://bit.ly/ckP0Rs CNNIC, BTW, has been accused of distributing malware: http://bit.ly/ct2vDd #
  • Facebook's announcement of HipHop (http://bit.ly/9oXipS) has me insatiably curious about compiling PHP now. I'm a PHP speed freak. #
  • Just found out one of my ad feeds is running ads for an OTC paternity test. Ugh. Just turned them off. Sorry to anyone offended by them. #

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