Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-02-13

February 13th, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Heading out to shovel today's 5 inches of snow so tomorrow's 5 inches won't be quiet as bad… #
  • Ugly blister the size of a nickel on my palm from shoveling snow. Fortunately, it's on my right (non-drawing) hand. #
  • Oh, there's a football game today? Is that the sport with the ball and hoop, or the big sticks and the little black brick? I forget… #
  • Would love to say I'm well rested with a full night's sleep because I didn't stay up watching some dumb game. Alas, I have a 3-year-old. #
  • I can't believe one of my coworkers just dropped the "F-bomb", the vilest most horrendous word that can conceivably be used in public: fudge #
  • Fun spam subject lines: "I can do for you is – what can not no girl!" Za-wha…? #
  • Just introduced the boy to Tux Paint. Hilarity ensues. http://www.tuxpaint.org/ #
  • Once again, Verizon's website sucks majorly. Took 6 attempts using 3 separate browsers to make a minor account change. C'mon, people… #
  • Silver lining to the latest snow storm cloud: Took a vacation day so my wife could work from home & had a pretty good father-son day. #
  • Didn't there used to be a road in front of my house? It was right where that impassable snowy field is now, I just know it… #
  • We're watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". In Spanish. Why? Because. #
  • Yet another rumored Android 2.1 update for Moto Droid comes & goes without occurring. Next time I'll believe it when I see it on my phone. #
  • It's official: Beckley, WV has surpassed its 1995-96 snow fall record of 100.1". We're now sitting at 101.4" with more on the way. Ugh. #
  • Further proof you can shoehorn *anything* into Emacs: http://bit.ly/duLJCy (Isn't the UNIX philosophy "do one simple job and do it well"?) #

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