Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-03-20

March 20th, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • The snow finally melted enough for me to get the last of the Christmas decorations down, just two months earlier than my sarcastic estimate. #
  • Caught Vietnam IP trying to scrape my site with *very* poorly coded script, resulting in 10k+ 404s. When's "19982156"? Learn to code, moron. #
  • Yet another Eternal Premium subscriber! I never expected anyone to really love the comic *that* much. GPF fans rock! 😀 #
  • Considering separate GPF Twitter account. That means fewer random tweets & more GPF-specific stuff. This one will remain personal. Thoughts? #
  • Started "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez via Audible.com this morning. #
  • My audio narration project has returned at my day job. Naturally, that means it's time for me to catch a nasty head cold. [Sniffle] #
  • Formspring.me seems to be all the rage right now among webcartoonists. What's the appeal? I have Twitter, a forum… Should I give it a try? #

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