Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-04-17

April 17th, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • The love of a cartoonist dad means drawing Pokemon on ordinarily plain bandages to make pre-schoolers love wearing them. #
  • Finally fixed the GPF High-Def Dec. 22-23, 2000 strips and improved the regular versions. And still within a decade of publication! Timely! #
  • Nuts! Typo in today's GPF. Yes, I'm aware of it. I'll fix it when I can. #
  • And these Twitter bots that search for keywords and retweet everything that contains them are getting SUPER annoying. How unoriginal… #
  • OK, typo fixed. "Produces" -> "Producers" in the third panel. If you aren't seeing the new strip, force a refresh in your browser. #
  • Still reading Daniel Suarez' "Daemon". Don't want to spoil things, but the daemon's answer to the spam problem is… tempting. [evil grin] #
  • Finished Daniel Suarez's "Daemon". Final score: A-. Good plot & tech detail, points deducted for overly excessive F-bomb-to-page ratio. #

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