Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-04-24

April 24th, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • RT @merlyn Heh… <blink> tag considered harmful! – http://bit.ly/ce9SpC [Wonder if this affects WebKit derived browsers like Android.] #
  • Ice cream sandwiches with home-made chocolate chip cookies & home-made vanilla ice cream. My wife, without question, rocks. #
  • Experimenting with plotting scripts using mind mapping software. So far, I'm liking the results. #
  • Nuts. Another typo in today's strip. I swear I proofread them before I upload them. Fix will happen when it happens. #
  • Typo fixed: "There" -> "There's" in panel two. Force a refresh if you're still seeing the old strip. #
  • A coworker of mine discovered something Droid does *NOT* do: swim. #
  • GPF Premium subscribers: Check out the Rumor Mill for an announcement about a new Author's Notes enhancement. #
  • Started "Interesting Times" (Discworld #17 by Terry Pratchett via Audible.com this morning. #
  • How do clip art cartoonists do it? Every cut & paste comic *I* do seems to take double the time & effort… :/ #
  • Overheard at work: McAfee's botched DAT bricking PCs was their way of celebrating Earth Day by powering down power-hungry computers. 😀 #
  • How to get porn on your iPhone: Install Android! http://bit.ly/bboUK1 (Ref: Steve Jobs' "Android for porn" crack: http://bit.ly/aZ7mLv ) #
  • Typo-palooza continues. (2 for the week, 3 for the story.) I'll work on a fix when I can. #
  • Typo in today's GPF finally fixed. (It's been a busy morning.) Refresh your browser if you're still seeing the old strip. #

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