Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-05-15

May 15th, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Boy & I made blueberry muffins in bed for my wife for Mom Day. No, didn't spill batter all over the sheets, but getting the oven in there… #
  • RT: @merlyn: Yeay, old Radio Shack catalogs, for us geezers… http://bit.ly/cvwNdt [Curse you, @merlyn! I was being productive before this] #
  • Thought provoking: C in Danger – and thus Higher-Level Languages (?): http://bit.ly/9dk7ta #
  • At last! Android phone sales blow by Apple iPhone in U.S.: http://bit.ly/biZe6S #
  • Experimenting with Firefox for Android (i.e. Fennic). Impressive for a pre-alpha, but definitely not ready for prime time. #
  • Mildly disappointed no one called me out that Fooker's line in yesterday's strip should be credited to Groucho Marx rather than Bugs Bunny. #
  • Then again, Fooker would be more likely to recognize the line from Bugs than from Groucho. Nick or Dexter would have gotten it right. #

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