Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-05-22

May 22nd, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Listening to other music to get a certain tune out of your head doesn't work when Shuffle keeps picking the song you're trying to get out. #
  • Hey Pixar fans: 100 Pixar characters and their relative sizes: http://bit.ly/97mF6U #
  • Nuts. A coworker pointed out there's another typo in today's comic. I'll fix it when I fix it, I guess. [Rolls eyes] #
  • Using the blog (jeffdarlington.com) to beta test a potentially cool new service. Let me know if you encounter problems reaching that site. #
  • If you were alive in 1980 and you haven't seen Google's home page today, you REALLY need to see Google's home page today. 😀 #
  • GOOSE FIGHT!!! (No, really. They're geese, and they're fighting. Why are you looking at me like that?) #

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