Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-08-14

August 14th, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • I've been sanding drywall for days. Now's the time to start my criminal career, I think; I've sanded off all my fingerprints by now. #
  • When you need a combination telephoto and macro lens to take a picture and blow it up, YOU'VE PRINTED YOUR PRODUCT'S SERIAL NUMBER TOO SMALL #
  • My apologies to anyone on my phone's contact list for any abrupt calls. Froyo's Bluetooth voice dial… leaves much to be desired. #
  • Experimenting with Chrome to Phone Android app + Send to Phone Firefox extension. Interesting concept. Wish it worked the other way too… #
  • Behind on podcasts: Just finished FLOSS Weekly 128 on OpenStack, which silently helps power GPF's back-end: http://twit.tv/floss128 #
  • 10 years ago, Dexter was as reviled as Trudy. Today, concern for his health is overwelming. What can't a decade of character building do…? #
  • I *DESPISE* SELinux. It does nothing but cause me problems. It just made upgrading an SSL cert 10 times harder than it needed to be. #
  • The boy's birthday was a blast. We planned for more kids at the party, but he had fun regardless. My favoite gift: My 1st Science Kit. 😀 #

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