Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-09-11

September 11th, 2010 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Man, sounds like Dragon*Con was a mixed bag this year. Not sure if I should still be miffed I was snubbed or relieved I didn't have to go. #
  • Note from one of my ad networks saying they're partnering with an ad malware scanner isn't comforting; it's sad the partnership is necessary #
  • Govt laptop I've been waiting for at work for 5 months finally arrived. Now to wait 5 more months to get access to actually use it. #redtape #
  • Final script doc for GPF Year 10 comes to just under 32k words, a novella by one standard. The fewer updates must be really slowing me down. #
  • Glanced at Tivo's top 25 most recorded show list. Only "watch" 1 & that's only reluctantly (wife records it). What does that say about me? #
  • Major new Windows flaw caused by DLL loading path order. Exploits already in the wild. MS KB article & fix: http://bit.ly/bF7Ij2 #
  • Twitter peeps: You can now follow @gpfcomics for official GPF site updates & such. @gpfjeff will remain the inane blather you're used to. #

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