Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-03-26

March 26th, 2011 by Jeff | 3 Core Dumps

  • Rolled successful testosterone check: Replaced fluorescent lamp ballast without maiming, killing, or destroying myself, others, or property. #
  • It's dangerous scripting a story requiring a character to be brilliant. It requires the writer to be equally brilliant, which is less likely #
  • Two sides, same coin: ePublishing Bingo: http://bit.ly/dJV591 | Traditional Publishing Bingo: http://bit.ly/ebFP63 #
  • Hot dog! @MozMobile *does* do SSL client certificates (if you take a sledgehammer to it). Eat *that*, default Android browser! #
  • Time was you coded Web apps for all browsers with exceptions for MSIE. Today for me IE's playing nice & Safari won't follow the rules. (O_o) #
  • That had to be one of the cheesiest sexual harassment training courses I've ever taken. CG robots with text-to-speech voices? (O_o) #
  • To whoever ordered the snow: They delivered it a month late and to the wrong address. Please pick it up and take it with you. Thanks. #

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