Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-04-02

April 2nd, 2011 by Jeff | 1 Core Dump

  • Zounds. The spammers have been pounding on the GPF forum today. 62 registration attempts, all blocked by my filters. Must be a new record. #
  • It's Coinstar day. My wife's +3 purse of bludgeoning has been upgraded to +5. #
  • Good news: "Accidentally" wrote vast majority of plot for next-next GPF arc. Bad news: Still haven't finished script for this week's quota. #
  • Just got a work e-mail on my phone informing me that e-mail services to mobile devices is currently down. Um… #
  • More snow. You fired off your April Fool's prank a day early, didn't you, Mother Nature? #
  • Holy… inbox flooded. Something must be up. Give me a bit to sort through things and see what all the hubbub is about. #
  • Had to get the boy out the door & off to school. Still investigating things. Honest, going as fast as I can. Sorry for the delay, folks. #
  • Got update script e-mails on time & can SSH into the site via IP. Box itself seems OK. Looks like domain's been redirected. Still checking. #
  • No news yet. On the phone with webhost now. They're saying it's not them. #
  • Still spinning wheels. Webhost has been no help. How hard is it to contact the Dept. of Homeland Security? 🙁 #
  • Curse you, J.K. Rowling! Don't you realize parody is considered fair use? >:( #
  • Holy… Sean Connery is on it to. And Patrick Stewart. Can't these people take a joke? #
  • It's like every parody, every caricature I've ever done is coming back to haunt me… (O_O) #
  • Only George Lucas seems to be missing from the accusers. He says my Star Was parody was "too lame to bother with." 🙁 #
  • Jeri Ryan, Cheryl Burke, & Carrie Ann Inaba are in on it too for defamation of character. All claim I drew their breasts too small… (O_o) #
  • NOOOOOOO! They found all my BitTorrent files, my DeCSS hidden link, and my hidden PS3 hacking pages! (O_O) #
  • They found my Stuxnet source code. I think I'm in a little hot water right about now… #
  • back suvs outside house. feds evrywher. grabbinh what i can heading toward woods. will tweet wen i can #
  • crap left gps on on phone! fed closung in! may hav to log off for while #
  • im runnin for my life peopl. why you guys keep tellling me to check the date???/? #
  • This account has been seized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Please disregard all future posts from this account. #
  • U.S. DoH wishes to convey a final message from the former holder of this account, in accordance to his rights as a U.S. citizen… #
  • "Um… April Fool's? [Sheepish grin]" #

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