Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-05-28

May 28th, 2011 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • I can't be the only one out there leery of Kellogg's "K2O" protein water product because I know how dangerous potassium oxide can be… #
  • The fecal matter officially hits the rotating air circulatory device in GPF on September 7th. Mark your calendars. #
  • Any website maintainers out there familiar with Linode? May be looking to switch hosts soon & they're a top contender. Want testimonials tho #
  • Wow. Overwhelming response to my Linode question. Thanks, all. Sorry if I can't respond to all individually, but definite food for thought. #
  • For background, I'm caught in the Slicehost to Rackspack swallow-em-up & don't like the prospects. Linode is the top alternative IMO. #
  • As for those concerned about my Linux admin experience, let's just say I think I know a thing or two about Linux-based web servers. 😉 #
  • OK, I'm convinced. Got a test Linode box up and running, with IPv6 even. Will take some time to migrate, but that will give me time to play. #
  • Rash of fake upgrade spams around this morning. Adobe & Skype encountered so far. Don't click those links! Only D/L from offical sites. #

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