Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-06-18

June 18th, 2011 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • At the zoo. Good day so far. The boy succeeded in feeding a giraffe and I have succeeded in not feeding him to the lions. #
  • Broke my 55-200mm lens. My heart sank when I heard the "rattle of death". 🙁 #
  • To my son, my new XOOM is nothing but the world's best Angry Birds client. #
  • I must have got some sun during my vacation. My freckles are starting to run together. #
  • Grrr… Project Wonderful stopped sending me bid notification e-mails for no reason. Sorry for any missed bids, folks. Trying to catch up. #
  • But… where's the Android love? Are we not also weird, or more so? 🙁 || RT: @alyankovic: Guess what? I've got an APP! http://t.co/XbHQvpD #

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