Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-08-06

August 6th, 2011 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Took a break from audiobooks & listened to @alyankovic on the commute home. 147 songs of all genres on shuffle. Good times, good times… #
  • I just found the e-mail invoice from Oct. 19, 1998, where I registered the domain "gpf-comics.com". Yes, I have chronic retention issues. #
  • Tonight I installed Might & Magic IV & V ("World of Xeen") on my Motorola XOOM using DOSBox for Android… BECAUSE I CAN. <Evil grin> #
  • Blast it… TV Tropes is like a black hole; once I'm sucked in, I can't escape. I may have to block that domain to get actual work done. #

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