Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-10-01

October 1st, 2011 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • So apparently my kindergartener can read at a 2nd grade level. I think we have another geek in the family… #
  • And the first strip of GPF Year 13 is in the queue! (It runs October 31st, by the way.) Man, am I a glutton for punishment… #
  • Sometimes my "nice guy" public image can get annoying. My wife is the only one who gets to hear most of my tweet-worthy snarky comments. #
  • Reaching all the way back to Year 2 for this joke in Year 13. You remember EVERYTHING that's happened in GPF for the past 11 years, right? #
  • First day off the day job in two weeks, best opportunity to devote myself solely to GPF work, and I'm sick. Yay. #

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