Weekly Twitter Updates for 2012-05-26

May 26th, 2012 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Put on your sunglasses & watch out for the glare. This geek is breakin' out the shorts. #
  • Finally got to see Avengers. Pay attention, DC. If you're serious about doing a Justice League movie, the bar has been set pretty high. #
  • LibreOffice's spell checker knows "millennium" but not "millennia"? Neither does Firefox. They don't expect to be around in 2000 years? #
  • If Kinect Star Wars is any indication, sedentary cartoonists/programmers make LOUSY Jedis… #
  • Today, I am strontium. I am soft, highly reactive, and turn yellow when exposed to air. I like to mess with the calcium in your bones. #

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