Weekly Twitter Updates for 2012-06-30

June 30th, 2012 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • .@the_gneech sum up nicely my opinions of the current state of "Star Trek": http://t.co/rx5w71Re #
  • #DontYouHateItWhen #TwitterTweets #ReadMoreLike #JustABunchOf #RandomHashTags #ThanActualContent? #
  • Facebook, you just can't stop being jerks, can you? Don't change my profile's e-mail address without asking, please. http://t.co/rhd3pQHH #
  • Are there any Premium subscribers out there using iOS devices that seem to "forget" the Premium cookie & lose Premium access? #
  • There's a Lego Lord of the Rings game coming out? What's next? Lego Battlestar Galactica? Lego Game of Thrones? Lego Jersey Shore? #

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