Weekly Twitter Updates for 2012-08-11

August 11th, 2012 by Jeff | Dump Core

  • Taking the boy to his first baseball game today. (That's the one where they put the puck through the hoop to score a touchdown, right?) #
  • Ball game over. Our team won with a sudden death free throw into the end zone for a spare. The boy had a blast. Never did see that zamboni. #
  • Congrats to JPL on the successful Curiosity landing. Wish I could have watched live, but some folks on the US East Coast have to work. 😛 #
  • One of the few TV opening credits I'll never fast forward through is Star Trek: DS9. I may not always watch it, but I'll ALWAYS listen. #
  • Rest in pieces, SCO. Good riddance. http://t.co/gsPoauqz #

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