No, the blog isn’t dead…

May 23rd, 2014 by Jeff | Dump Core

… but I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. Yeah, it’s been a year and half since my last post, and even that one was an automated one. Then the plugin that archiving my Twitter posts changed (I’ll say broke, but the developer would probably disagree) and, well… it all fell apart from there.

All that said, I’ve been meaning to add some more long-form content beyond what social media allows, and I happen to have a bit more discretionary time than I used to recently. Social media posts are usually faster and easier, but it’s always difficult confining myself to 140 characters (give or take). We’ll see what happens.

For those who need a more immediate fix for what’s been going on in my life (you voyeuristic perverts, you), I’d suggest my various social media feeds. I have personal Twitter and Google+ accounts, while GPF has its own Twitter feed and Google+ page. There’s a Facebook page as well for the comic; only close friends get added to my personal FB account. I may eventually get pulled kicking and screaming into other social sites as well, but if I ever do, you can check the GPF Contacts page for the links.

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